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"If you are running a business you can't talk about it with your employees," Callanan says. "We try and share warts and all, but that might be the beer talking."

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Sean Callanan (@seancallanan) from @SportsGeek brings you the best practices from the sports business and sports digital marketing world each week. Interviews with people behind the scenes with teams and leagues in the USA, Australia and New Zealand are featured.

Talking CRM on the Sports Geek Podcast

Last week I had the chance to join Sean Callanan for the latest episode of his SportsGeek podcast.


Summer reading for the tech-minded - Part 1

A summer break provides a great opportunity to catch up with your must-reads. Sink your mind into a good book or three over the holidays to really gain a deeper insight into how technology rules the world. In the first of a two-part series, we ask technology readers what's on their to-read pile, old or new, these coming days.


Two guys made a life-sized Lego car that runs on air

Steve Sammartino and Raul Oaida built a functional car out of Lego bricks that runs on air. The car is the product of the duo's Super Awesome Micro Project, a crowd-funded effort that allowed them to take 500,000 Lego bricks and 256 pistons and design a hot rod-esque masterpiece.

The quiet season is a good time to read the books that might help us in the year ahead. There's nothing like a few quiet days, a lounge chair and a couple of good books to expand our horizons.

Digitisation can be the key to profit Photo: Jim Rice Digitising the workplace can create a host of business opportunities, from increased customer engagement and improved productivity to a more efficient flow of data. Here are four ways to begin to digitise your business, and stay relevant to your customers.

Sports tragic Sean Callanan was so convinced of the power of social media in sport that he quit his day job as a software developer to set up Sports Geek, a digital consultancy for sports clubs. But it has been harder to convince the sports clubs.

S01E07 - Sean Callanan, Sports Geek - Estimate Approved Podcast

In this episode I interview Sean Callanan from Sports Geek HQ who takes us through His digital breakfast Dog fooding How digital has transformed sports storytelling The story of Shaq and Twitter The current social networks battle for the sports fan New social network Ello The impact of mobile and video for sports TV and...

Sports Geek's Sean Callanan is one of the foremost strategists on digital. Having been on the podcast previously, but by Skype, this interview represents the first face-to-face meeting with Callanan, in Melbourne, Australia. Callanan shares his option on all things social, including Facebook, Twitter and those darn Google...

#SMsports Q&A With My Twitter Friends #4 @seancallanan

Social media in the sports landscape can be a challenge. One of the key benefits at working in sports-social media is getting to "meet" people you never would otherwise. Today's guests in my social media-sports (#SMsports) Q&A fit that bill. Sean Callanan: I started following Sean earlier this year after participating in a Twitter chat, #smsportschat.

Twitter and sport - a match made in fan heaven

Edelman attended this morning's #TwitterBrekky hosted by @SportsGeek, where the local Twitter team talked through some key milestones in the Twitter world of sports (with the added bonus of George Calombaris, Wil Anderson and Charlie Pickering talking at the end).

Talking CRM on the Sports Geek Podcast

Last week I had the chance to join Sean Callanan for the latest episode of his SportsGeek podcast. In the show we discussed several topics, including: My

Sports Geek talks social

Australians like talking about sport almost as much as the weather and real estate. Someone who likes talking about sport and social more than most is Sean Callanan, founder and CEO of Sports Geek, a digital agency that connects clubs with fans and sponsors. We recently caught up with the self-confessed geek to talk shop.

Welcome to Sports Geek heaven: Inside the SEAT sports tech conference

Australian digital sports expert Sean Callanan presented at a major international sports technology conference in the US this month. The man from SportsGeek reports on the key discussion points from the event in Boston. What is S.E.A.T.? S.E.A.T. is Sports & Entertainment Alliance In Technology and was founded by Christine Stoffel in 2007.


The impact of social media on sports business

Social media has taken sports business to a new level of sports marketing and advertising, brand sponsorships and respective individual representations on various social media channels like Twitter and Facebook. Sean Callanan of Sports Geek explains the impact this phenomenon has on sports teams, the teams' players, media and PR companies, and sports fans.

Episode 27, 2014 | Box of Neutrals

Feat. Joe Saward and Sean Callanan. We ask the question 'is there really anything wrong with Formula One?' of F1 veteran Joe Saward, digital media expert Sean Callanan, and AM radio enthusiast Peter McGinley.

Listen to episode 23 of the Digital and Social Media Sports podcast, with Sean Callanan. Callanan discussed the evolution and current status of digital and social media in sports in Australia and New Zealand, how the cultures interact in similar and differing ways, what others can learn from Australian sports clubs and brands, and more....

An Australian gearhead and his equally nutty friend in Romania made all our childhood dreams come true by building an amazing hot rod out of Legos. It actually runs -- on air -- and the fact that it isn't any faster than a bicycle does nothing to diminish its brilliance.

Update: 11/7/13: Take a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Warriors Live in the video below, plus re-live some of the fun of this unique event. Warriors fans across the globe were treated to what was truly a one-of-a-kind opportunity on Saturday, getting a real-time behind-the-scenes look at practice on Warriors Live .

Twitter is expected to launch an office in Australia as senior Twitter executives fly into Australia this week to meet major sporting bodies, media organisations and key users of the social media network. Mike Brown, the head of international development at Twitter, will attend meetings in Sydney and Melbourne, including a "secret breakfast" to showcase Twitter best practice in the world of sport and entertainment.

Eagles v Dockers - the biggest fans

Ms Sharkey, also known as @sun_reyes (left), is currently on the top of the Eagles' digital cheer squad fan ladder. Photo: via Twitter West Australian football fans have real reason for their passion this week, with both teams flying east to play in semi-finals games.

Aussie sports chiefs all a-Twitter about mega breakfast

SOCIAL media giant Twitter is bringing together major Australian sports but organisers are keeping the motives for the invitation-only event a secret. The "Breakfast with Twitter" event starts today at the Docklands in Melbourne before Sydney hosts the event next week at Moore Park.

Twitter says g'day to Australia: A quick wrap of #TwitterBrekky

Twitter has set up shop in Oz, and clearly it knew just how to get to the heart of Australians - through sport of course! One of the first events hosted by Twitter in Australia cut straight to the chase of arguably this country's greatest passion - sport.


FOX SPORTS Australia at #TwitterBrekky

Our social media team is at the #TwitterBrekky, where Twitter execs are discussing the future of sports & twitter.

If a life-sized Lego car that actually drives and is powered by nothing but air doesn't sound cool enough, consider this: The project was funded in part through a single tweet. The car runs on compressed air, is made up of more than 500,000 Legos and can cruise along at some 15 mph.

StartupSmart Awards 2012 | By StartupSmart Awards 2012 When StartupSmart announced its 2012 awards we were flooded with more than almost 300 entries. While the final awards list contains the 50 largest companies as ranked by revenue, we were so impressed with the calibre of companies involved that we wanted to create a list of the companies to watch in the coming years.